Rabu, 05 Januari 2011

My Last Holiday

          Yesterday, at x-mass and new year holiday, My Family and I go to church to celebrate Jesus birth at twenty fifth December 2010. And then we go to Sarangan for holiday. We had holiday on Sarangan about 3 days. We had a nice holiday on Sarangan.
         After go to Sarangan, My Family and I go to Solo. About 2 hour, finally we arrived on Solo. My Family and I go to Solo Grand Mall. It is a big Mall on Solo. After that we go to central handcraft on Solo. And then we back to hotel. Tommorow afternoon we back to Madiun.

That is one of My Story about My Holiday....
Next time i'll tell you again.
Thank you and .. see you,,,,,,,,, :D

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  1. very good.
    Please tray to write everything you have in this blog.ok.